Take the first step towards going on a J1 this summer by reserving your place with a company trusted by hundred of employers across the US. Read the big print, the small print and understand that it just won’t be as easy to get to the States this year with out the helping hand of USIT!

Don’t miss out on the best J1 summer jobs!

Over the coming weeks you will have access to the creme de la creme of J1 employers and these are trusted employers who have hired J1ers year on year. Don’t delay - get your resume updated now and start applying. Push for the interview to be held early on, explain that all Irish J1 Summer Work & Travel Students have to have a summer job before travelling to the US now and then accompany the application with the ‘Dear Employer” letter from USIT.

Work in the best J1 hotspots

Summer Jobs will be based all over the US with many of the high-end resorts located on the East Coast of the USA (Cape Cod, Boston and Maryland) and are in the Hospitality sector (servers, bussers, bar backs, hosts etc.) Anyone looking to travel to the West Coast of the US will have to have both a valid summer Job offer and Housing approved by the US Sponsor before their DS2019 Work papers are issued so we urge your to bear this mind when planning.

Affordable housing for you and your friends

Housing is available on site with choice employers. This means that you will be sharing with other J1ers from Ireland and around the World. Housing is not included in the programme cost, but will be at a reduced rate for employees. This keeps your costs way down and takes the hassle out of having to find accommodation when you arrive in the USA, not to mention having to deal with leases, hefty deposits, landlords, etc!
Employers that don't have on-site housing may assist with finding local accommodation for J1ers wherever possible. It is always worth asking in your interview!

Follow the 3P’s to get that ultimate job in the US next Summer!

Be Prepared, Be Proactive, Be Persistent!