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How do I get a job in the USA?

You've got your eyes set on a hot American summer, spent getting lost in the Big Apple, mixing it up in Miami and hitting the surf in San Diego. But before you can do that, you must get an approved job to enter the US. So, why not let our expert J1 USA Hiring Team do the hard work for you. Or, follow our top tips to find your own role. It's your J1, your choice.


#1 for J1 Summer Jobs

The USA is big, but our job pool is even bigger, J1 jobs in New York, San Diego, Chicago and everywhere in between.

We've got your back

We'll help you with everything - from searching to interviewing and getting hired. Teamwork makes the dream work.

Your pick of the bunch

Virtual hiring fairs give you a choice of US employers to interview with. You choose and we'll help you prep. Simple.

Secure your place

We know you don't want to miss out on a summer in the States, so book now, pay later and get planning.


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J1 jobs

J1 summer job hiring

Each year, we have 1,000+ jobs listed on our Job Hub. Where you can search, apply and video interview with US employers. Hiring usually starts from November, so start your J1 application early so that you're ready to go.


Your J1 Job options


Which one is for you

Option 1 - Guaranteed job

Let us handle it

We've been helping J1ers go on adventures since 1961, so we kind of know what we're doing.

We'll guide you through the whole process, making sure you have all the documents you need to start your J1 process. You get access to our jobs database with details of all the US employers you can work for and info on where they're located. You let us know which employers you want to interview with and we'll set it all up and help make sure your CV is USA-ready. Our team preps you for your interview, talking you through the job role and testing your webcam to avoid a tech disaster - it happens to the best of us! You get hired. Duh! Then you can get on with the really important stuff, like planning your American Dream. 'Murica, yeah!


Option 2 - Find your Own Job

Go your own way

We know sometimes half the fun is doing it all on your own or with your mates, à la Rachel Green. So, here are our top five tips for job hunting:

  1. Start searching USA jobs online and reach out to employers for all the best seasonal jobs like hospitality, theme parks, retail and more. 2. Choose your location wisely... Travelling with friends? Pick larger cities more likely to have more options for you all. 3. Update your CV to be more like an American style résumé - tweak the language and layout and explain your Irish/Britsh qualifications. 4. Get your references ready. US employers love 'em! And personalise every application to suit the role and industry you're applying for. 5. Interview and get hired! From there, we'll help you take care of the boring bits like scheduling your US appointment.

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Loving your work

All our team have worked in the US

Not only that, but many of our team disappear on their J1 or camp each summer – returning to our Dublin HQ with fresh intel and inspo about working and travelling in the States. Good job!

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Still have some questions?

No worries - our J1 team are always on hand to answer any queries you might have about a J1 summer.

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