Returning back to Ireland

Before I return to Ireland is there anything I need to do concerning my US summer job and/or taxes?

In order to avoid any problems with your employer before you leave your job, follow these basic instructions:

  • Ask for your final pay check and wages due to you BEFORE you leave.
  • If your employer has provided accommodation for you as part of your employment, ask your employer to return your security deposit BEFORE you leave.
  • Confirm with your employer what date you should expect to receive your last pay check and how you will receive it (money transfer, bank transfer, etc).
  • Keep your employer's contact details in case there are any problems and you need to contact them after you leave the USA.

NB Leave an address for your employer where you can receive mail. Your employer will send you forms at the end of the year which are required for processing your tax returns.

You must also contact your US Sponsor to let them know you are leaving the US by emailing them your confirmation that you’re leaving along with your flight details (date, flight number, departure airport etc.)

Please refer to the J1 handbook for more detailed information about US employment, paying taxes, how to file your tax returns, etc.

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