Proof of Funds

Do I have to show Proof of Funds when I am entering the US?

US Immigration Officers do require that all J-1 participants have a certain amount of money to finance them when they are entering the USA on their J-1 programme. With a pre-arranged summer job in the USA, you need to have a completed USIT/US Sponsor Placement Agreement Form and $800 minimum available to you on arrival in the US, and you must be able to show proof of this to the US Immigration Official. This proof can be in the form of Cash, Travellers Cheques, Credit or Debit card statements or Bank Statements. However, as a bank account can be closed after a statement has been issued, you could be asked to log in to your bank account online, so the CBP Officer can view the account information in order to ascertain their balances and method of deposits. Cash and Travellers Cheques are the only form of proof of funds GUARANTEED by US Immigration.

Please contact the Programmes Department ( if you require more information.

Can I stay in the USA after my J1 Visa expires?

Yes, but only as a tourist for a maximum of 30 days. You cannot work during this period. You may not leave the US and re-enter on your J1 visa during this period.

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